Serving your marketing goals

NextMesh is built on a bedrock of professionalism, a passion for innovation and commitment to help advertisers dominate mobile phones with their ads, while monetizing major Wi-Fi networks.


Dominating mobile phones

We provide software as a service to change businesses – cash negative Wi-Fi network – into cash positive by generating value with a turn-key Wi-Fi solution


With everything we do, we believe in improving the way mobile media works – making it simple, efficient and impressive. Our advertisement management software is developed to support our mission.

NextMesh core values

We have professionalism as a priority even in the smallest thing we might do

We are focused on making our Wi-Fi network the number one, while helping other business creating an income out of their Wi-Fi

Everything we provide must be memorable, from the quality of our Wi-Fi to the content we display on the network

We want to be benefit to the society. We do this by offering free Wi-Fi and useful information through our network

Through our platform, our customer service and support and anything else we might offer — we’re in this to make a difference.

To help you build campaigns that really matter. To create the kind of campaign that your customers will remember for long, actively influencing and encouraging organic word of mouth discussion about the promoted brand.

To be an addition to customer experience when they visit places with Wi-Fi networks powered by NextMesh.

Whether you’re an advertising company dedicated on making your customers campaigns successful, or a brand owner which wants to successfully advertise in the mobile media world, or a business which aims to transform its Wi-Fi network into a cash machine, we’re here to help you reach your goals.

We're ready to lead you into the future of mobile marketing and Wi-Fi monetization

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