Digital media supremacy is a fact

The need for effective advertising on mobile devices is obvious.

We can help!


Digital media supremacy is a fact

The need for effective advertising on mobile devices is obvious.

We can help!


NextMesh Mobile Media

The only media – capable of DOMINATING MOBILE PHONES and engaging the viewer into – one on one – interaction with brands.

“NextMesh has the power of creating the most effective mobile campaigns, giving advertisers the possibility to be BOLD”

By using our media, you become the first page of the internet.

We are offering you the possibility to display your ad like none else can: in a full screen format, on the mobile devices of your desired audience.

In the moment we display your ad, you have NO COMPETITION, the only information which will reach to our users is the message you want to send them.

Our media is created based on the advertisers need for real and consistent interaction with desired audience.

After seeing the ad, our users are directed to the place requested by advertisers. That can be a website, a video, a Facebook page… or anything which helps the advertisers properly and efficiently conveying their message.

Advertisers can CALL TO ACTION in the smartest way when using our mobile media.

We will make sure that the desired message is seen and perceived by as many people as required in order to have a successful digital campaign.


The audience we put at your service is real and in the right state of mind for engaging with your promoted brand

Your ad will be showcased to users of NextMesh free Wi-Fi network.

This is the perfect audience to engage with, not only because is a captive audience commuting with taxi cars in Adu Dhabi, but also because is an audience willing to interact and engage with your product. The reason we are sure about their willingness is simple: they receive free Wi-Fi… and everybody loves free Wi-Fi.


With the right message, you can conquer the loyalty of our users, making them your constant customers

Our media has the power of creating word of mouth spread for promoted products. Advertisers just need to convey attractive offerings and messages.

With our mobile media, the audience is reached 3 TIMES:

First interaction is with the ad before having Wi-Fi access.

Second interaction is when the user reaches desired website or video ad or Facebook page. At this stage, the audience can be engaged by executing the action desired by advertiser. And that can be anything from buying a product online, getting more insights about a brand or request voluntary sign-up for future information share.

We can even send an SMS to the users at the requested time, after they have interacted with the brand on the Wi-Fi network.

Create unforgettable campaigns. Try NextMesh

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