NextMesh gives you the perfect solution for transforming your Wi-Fi network in a treasure


Nowadays being connected is a must, internet access becoming a basic human need.

Customers require free reliable Wi-Fi in order to work remotely, stay connected on the go and have an active social presence.

Hence offering a good Wi-Fi connection possibility is an important factor which determines costumer’s choice regarding places they go for leisure, work, hotel stay or even lunch break.

Make your Wi-Fi a success

Make your Wi-Fi a success

We at NextMesh understand the importance of having a powerful network  and we also know that successful large Wi-Fi networks are extremely complex projects, requiring planning and most important, including significant costs.

Our promise is to solve your Wi-Fi challenges, providing a software which changes businesses cash negative Wi-Fi networks into cash positive by generating value with turn-key solution.

Transforming a Wi-Fi network while monetizing it has never before NextMesh been easier and more effective.

How it works?

Is simple

We integrate our software into your Wi-Fi network

This give us the possibility to showcase important and useful information for Wi-Fi users

We find the right brands with adequate messages and promotions

and help them convey their message to the Wi-Fi audience

Brands pay for this effective advertising solution

Wi-Fi network owner gets a percentage of the payment,

this way having the chance not only to return the investment but also to have a positive income



Public Wi-Fi becomes a treasure


Higher user experience


More customers in the physical location


Smart Wi-Fi network


Happy customers, happy tenants, happy owners

We offer solutions for

NextMesh Transportation

NextMesh transportation ad network is meant to bring value to the transport sector by adding advertising value for on-the- go travelers.

NextMesh Mall

NextMesh Mall is ad service developed for shopping malls that offers an media that reaches
shoppers at the mall at the best possible moment: the moment of purchasing.

NextMesh City

NextMesh City – ad network is meant to bring value to the city wifi network by adding
advertising and social value for city people from tourists to locals.

NextMesh Event

NextMesh Event – ad network is, in practice, the only means for event organisers to offer all event
participants interesting content. A functioning ad wireless connection is already one of the most
essential client expectations concerning an event venue. Event also opens up new earning models.

NextMesh Industry

NextMesh Industry ad/info network is a wireless information transfer network designed for the
needs of industry and industrial buildings – example hotels, apartment buildings etc. Industry is a
holistic solution that covers all information transfer requirements relating to informing tenants
over central Wi-Fi in apartment buildings.

NextMesh Office

NextMesh Office ad/info network can serve all businesses in the building, and their personnel, if
so required. NextMesh Office can be modified rapidly according to users’ changing requirements
without causing any disruption – by serving as a information management system over Wi-Fi
network for companies.

Stay cash positive. Try NextMesh

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